Indie Artist Advice #2: Presentati​on is everything​! (Part 1- Image)

One thing I stress to all artists is keeping a great image. Don't assume people will get the real you instead of basing it off the reality that they don't know you. The image you put out there will be the image people get. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc only show what you post/promote. Remember there are millions of people trying to do the same thing you are: get noticed and gather fans. Therefore, you MUST stand out if you want to be seen.There is no room for slacking in this competitive business. The saying "first impressions mean everything" is true and in this industry it may be your only chance to prove yourself. Your presentation is 'you' in a sense- if it's top notch then the perception will be that you are too. On the other hand, if it's sloppy- you get the picture. :-)